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Corvallis Library

Last Modified: 11/02/07
First Published: 08/24/07
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The Corvallis City Library is on Monroe just across the street from Central Park. The Library is certainly a focal point for the City of Corvallis. It is used daily by the citizens of Corvallis and is widely regarded for operating efficiency and range of content for the reader and browser. If you need to rent a meeting room the Corvallis Library is the place of choice. The Local Congressman, DeFazio has held Town Hall meetings in the Library. The meeting room will hold up to 100 or so comfortably. If you want to check out a DVD, this is the place, all you need is your Library card. There are approximately 20 internet computers available. Be warned these computers are busy almost exclusively. You may need to wait your turn. The maximum time daily is 60 minutes, again with your Library Card. The "Reading Room" is a popular place, typically there a two dozen or so people reading, playing chess or maybe even snoozing. There are also Childrens Programs, you should check with Library Staff for a schedule of events. Therefore, take advantage of this place as it is there for you..................

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