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Corvallis Get There Another Way Week May 18-22, 2009

Last Modified: 05/19/09
First Published: 05/19/09
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Yesterday I took advantage of the Corvallis Transit System's offer of a free ride on any bus all day Monday, May 18th. I put my bicycle on the bike rack on the front of the bus and took a ride to the downtown Corvallis bus terminal on Monroe and Fifth.

I had the opportunity to chat with two Corvallis Transportation Division employees, Joe Whinnery, Transportation Program Specialist and Cindy Hallet from the Transportation Division.

Joe Whinnery works with the Corvallis School System encouraging students to have their parents think about using alternative methods of transportation other than the family car. Joe is a friendly and personable gentleman who really supports the idea of using the Corvallis Transit system to save gas and to reduce the carbon emissions from passenger vehicles.

Joe Whinnery also encourages school children to walk or use their bicycles to get to and from school. Exercise is important for the students and it offers the option of reducing future carbon emissions from automobiles driven by their parents.

Cindy Hallet works on the web site for the Corvallis Transit System. Cindy updates the information on the Corvallis Transit System web site daily to make it easier for the citizens of Corvallis to take advantage of the transit sytem to get to and from work and to get to downtown Corvallis Shopping area.

So think about the option of using the Corvallis Transit System as a way to save gas, help with the environment and get some exercise.  Bus schedules can be obtained at the Corvallis Public Library, on any Corvallis Transit System Bus or at City Hall.


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