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Corvallis Downtown Parking Meter Rates to Rise

Last Modified: 10/25/07
First Published: 10/25/07
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On Wednesday, the Downtown Parking Commission chose to increase two hour parking meter rates from $.38 cents to $.50 cents per hour. Ten hour meters will rise from $1 to $1.50 for all day parking.

Metered parking downtown is geared toward employees of downtown. Commissioner Lita Verts commented. "if you are making minium wage downtown, it is a hardship".

Most parking in the downtown core is free, but is reserved exclusively for shoppers. The Commissions recommendations affect only the downtown area and only if the City Council agrees.

Ten hour parking permits are available but cost $216 per year. They can also be purchased monthly and quarterly.

What's next: The meter rates will go to the City Council. Also, the Downtown Parking Commission will discuss changes to fees for 10 hour permits at its November 28, 2007 meeting.

OPINION: the bottom line is, those individuals that can least afford a "tax increase" (this is a tax increase in truth) are in fact getting one. The people that earn minimum wage can not afford $50 per year for a permit to park, much less a permit that presently costs $216. 

Of course the City of Corvallis will not raise rates on those citizens who travel downtown to shop. The Downtown Merchant Community would not stand for that. Who represents the regular hourly rate employee? The answer is there is no representation, "the path of least resistance" goes straight through "those earning the least and expected to subsidize those with the most".

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