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Corvallis Downtown Parking Commission Meeting Oct. 24, 2007

Last Modified: 10/23/07
First Published: 10/23/07
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This Wednesday, October 24, 2007, the Downtown Corvallis Parking Commission will revisit Parking Meter rates Citywide and consider whether an increase is overdue. Corvallis parking meter rates haven't changed since 2000, when two hour meters were set to charge 75 cents for maximum time. Ten hour meters currently charge $1 dollar for a full days parking.

Proposed meter increases would boost the maximum two hour rate downtown to $1 and the 10 hour limit to $1.50.

The particulars on this meeting: what: Downtown Parking Commission

when: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 @ 5pm

where: madison ave. meeting room 500 SW Madison

The Issue: The City says parking meter collections fall short of maintenance costs, let alone future downtown parking improvements.

what's happened:meter rates in downtown have not changed since 2000.

what's next: City staff will take the results of their meeting to the downtown parking commission on Wednesday. Public input will be heard then and again when the matter goes to City Council.

Opinion: Issues like parking meter rates are usually clouded over by other issues such as the revenue the City gets from parking meter violations. The notion that meters should be removed from downtown is admirable but not realisitic. Revenue is the one and only issue that will ultimately result in rates going up for parking. The inevitable reality is simple, the public will protest for a period of time and then accept the fact that they will pay more. Meetings, by entities like the parking commission, are obligatory to demonstrate that public officials are "doing their jobs".

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