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Corvallis City Budget Shortfall

Last Modified: 10/14/07
First Published: 10/14/07
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Corvallis City Budget Shortfall

The Issue: Corvallis City officials had been estimating that city expenses would outstrip revenue possibly as early as the next budget year, prompting the formation of a committee to look at ways to ease the budget crunch.

What's happened so far: The Core Services Committeee, held a series of meetings to try to find ways to ease the budget shortfall. But then City officials revised their original forecasts and decided that any shortfall probably would not occur until at least 2009 or maybe 2010.

What's next: The Core Services Committee has stopped meeting, but will be available to consult on the budget in the event the Financial picture changes.

Opinion: Essentially nothing has happened as a result of these meetings and nothing within revenue forecasts has changed. All of the above is nothing more than "CYA".

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