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City of Corvallis Flood Response Plan

Last Modified: 11/30/07
First Published: 11/30/07
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The City of Corvallis developed a Flood Response Plan to establish the actions that would be taken to respond to a flood event. The plan is only a guide for dealing with emergency situations; each event is unique.

Plan priorities were broken down into six categories:

1. Maintain the operations of streets, streams, storm and wastewater sewers to the extent possible, in order to protect the health and safety of the citizens of the city.

2. Provide flood-fighting activities on City property to protect public health, safety of facilities and the public's investment.

3. Prevent or mitigate life-threatening situations by working with Police and Fire personel on evacuations, street closures, sandbagging etc.

4. Provide public information to assist citizens in planning individualized flood response.

5. Provide flood-fighting assistance to private property owners to limit loss of life or property.

6. Provide flood-fighting assistance to other Government agencies as appropriate to minimize loss of public and private property.

Flood response operations will normally be implemented in phases. The phase of operation will depend on the severity of conditions and may not necessarily be implemented in numerical order. The following is a description of each of the four phases.

* Phase 1: Heavy rain over a short duration;the storm system does not keep up with water flow, and localized flooding of streets is occurring in low-lying areas.

* Phase 2: Heavy rain over a longer duration; localized flooding of streets; streams and drainageways at capacity with some flooding occurring.

* Phase 3: Very heavy rains over a long duration; widespread flooding is occurring along streets, drainageways and adjancent private property.

* Phase 4: Sustained heavy rain throughout the mid-valley region over a long duration; local flooding is occurring and the Willamette River is anticipated to crest above flood stage.


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