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Last Modified: 09/03/07
First Published: 09/03/07
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Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:33 pm
Name: Peggy Capek | Comment: Can you help me locate who would know what has happened and if someone paid the back taxes to property on St. Mary's Peak belonging to Frederic Bacon Willson (my grandfather) who died july 4 1928 and is buried there. His death certificate reads....County... Benton State of Oregon ... Blodgett State File No ... 77.

His widow (3rd wife) was Ethel E. Willson, Blodgett , oregon who moved away.
We visited there and was treated kindly by a logging company who has logged the area and built a lodge and a lake there, they found someone to show us the grave site which i understand is preserved forever under the big trees on the mountain. lWe then visited Corvallis and found my grandfather's certificate of death . Our family did not ask the right questions at the time. Not certain why the number below.
Peggy Capek 3820 blenkinsop Rd. Victoria BC V8P 3P3 Canada

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