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Red Wine Reveiws

Eola Hills Syrah

Last Modified: 02/03/14
First Published: 12/27/11
Comments: 1 Views: 323

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a bottle of Oregon Syrah from Eola Hills Winery. It was the perfect wine to have with Christmas dinner, ham and all the fixings!

Syrah has not been on my short list as one of my favorite wines. Typically, Eola Hills Pinot Noir is my "default favorite". However, I found this Eola Hills Syrah, vintage 2007, to be bold, substantial, rich, wonderful bouquet and very smooth on the palate.

I commented at dinner that I thought this Syrah was slightly peppery, quite interesting!

This Syrah reminded me of a Valpolicella or maybe a nice Chianti.  I do recommend this Syrah, worth a visit to Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall, Oregon.

I would purchase another bottle of this 2007 Syrah and believe the price to be at around $12 a bottle.

I rate this wine as "A-".


Archeo Sicilia Nero d' Avola Wine

Last Modified: 12/05/13
First Published: 02/12/10
Comments: 4 Views: 2628

Trader Joe's had their Grand Opening today in Corvallis, Oregon. I decided to browse around the store with no particular purchase in mind. I came across some "wine tasting" and was pleasantly surprised to see and taste something unique. 

Nero d' Avola is imported from Sicily.  Archeo is the brand name and Ruggero Di Tasso is the winemaker. This wine is produced in Southwestern Sicily. It is very much reminiscent of a Chianti or Valpocella. We all had the same opinion, the wine was very good, in fact I would say it was excellent. I will definitely purchase another bottle.

This wine had a hint of berry and was semi-dry. It was perfect to accompany our beef tenderloins. The price was very reasonable at $5.

My rating is a definite "buy"! 


Ripasso Valpolicella 2009 Review

Last Modified: 02/22/12
First Published: 02/22/12
Comments: 0 Views: 207

I am not usually given to buying wines that do not originate from the Pacific Northwest, but once in a great while I divert from that norm.

Recently I was browsing the wine selection at Trader Joe's in Corvallis and came upon this bottle of Ripasso Valpolicella 2009 vintage from Italy. I have enjoyed wines from Italy for decades but over the past several years I  have grown partial to Oregon Pinot Noirs.

Well, to the matter of this bottle of Valpolicella. It was a rainy day in Corvallis and we were having leftovers for dinner. The chill of the day made it perfect to have a full bodied rich red wine.

This bottle of Ripasso Valpolicella was interesting from the moment it was uncorked. The bouquet was like a burst of cherries, perhaps blackberries after having been baked in a pie, scrumptious!

The first sip was so engaging that we both stopped and said in unison this wine is excellent! The fullness of the flavor not too sweet just tart enough and oh so good with leftover pork roast.

This bottle of Valpolicella wine is similar to a Pinot Noir yet distinguishes itself as independently unique.

I would purchase another bottle and the price was very reasonable at under $10. I highly recommend Ripasso Valpolicella and rate this wine as "B+".


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