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Pinot Noir Wine Reveiws

Eola Hills Reserve Pinot Noir La Creole Review

Last Modified: 11/23/16
First Published: 02/22/12
Comments: 2 Views: 1161

Over the past several years I have reviewed many wines from Vineyards all over the Pacific Northwest. This review is the 100th wine review for Corvallistidbits, so I wanted to find just the right wine to do justice to such a nice round number, 100!

Pinot Noir is no question my favorite wine. Therefore, I wanted a very special Pinot Noir to enjoy on Valentines Day and to review. The choice, hands down, was Eola Hills Reserve Pinot Noir La Creole.

Luxurious, elite, quality, premier, all words that apply to this wine. Eola Hills Reserve Pinot Noir just looks elegant in the bottle with a distinctive label.

Rich, full bodied, wonderful to have with a special someone anytime, makes a special time like Valentines Day even more special!

The bouquet is provocative to the senses, and to one's taste buds. Blackberries, raspberries, slight peppery and just a smidgen smoky delicious!

We indulged ourselves with some rich dark chocolate to accompany this wine. I did make the right choice!

I will purchase another bottle and best of all, the price is within most budgets at under $20!

My rating for This Pinot Noir is "A+".


Cubanisimo 2008 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon

Last Modified: 10/16/16
First Published: 05/16/11
Comments: 10 Views: 2715

Cubanisimo Pinot Noir has been on our short list to try for quite some time. Today was that opportunity to enjoy a bottle with our lunch. We were not disappointed.

This Pinot Noir is rich and full-bodied with a smooth finsh. It was just right to go with our pita sandwiches. I prefer a dry wine and Cubanisimo provides just enough texture with some hints of blackberry.

The price is reasonble at under $20. I would purchase another bottle and plan on a visit to the Cubanisimo Vineyard & Winery in McMinnville, Oregon.


Arcachon Cellars Pinot Noir

Last Modified: 04/12/16
First Published: 07/08/10
Comments: 0 Views: 787

My first experience with Arcachon Cellars Pinot Noir was after Trader Joe's Opened in Corvallis in February 2010. The grapes for this wine are grown in & this wine is bottled in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The cost is very modest and the quality of this wine is exceptional. Arcachon Cellars Pinot Noir is as good as other Pinot Noirs' costing two or even three times the price!

To the best of my knowledge it is only available at Trader Joe's in Corvallis. I have not been able to find this wine at Fred Meyer or Winco.

Pinot Noir

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