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Corvallis Forest Tour May 26 2010
The City of Corvallis conducted a tour, open to the publi
Hotdogs on the Grill
Willamette Park in February 2010. This was a perfect Februar
Oregon National Guard Armory
The Oregon National Guard Armory in Corvallis, Oregon. Flag
Willamette River June 2010 Corvallis
The Willamette River Corvallis Oregon Early June 2010. The R
Corvallis Pedicab
If you are loking for some pedal power in downtown Corvallis
A Walk By the Willamette River
The Willamette River meanders through Corvallis, Oregon with
Timelapse Chess
1st Street Corvallis - June 22nd 2010
Time Lapse of Corvallis June 27th & 28th 2010
On June 27 and 28th we photographed 7 sequences around Co
Benton County Courthouse Under Scaffolding for Painting
Benton County Courthouse is nearly 125 years old. It will ha
Roses in Central Park Corvallis on July 4 2010
July 4th was a beautiful morning in Central Park Corvallis O
Corvallis July 4th Parade
A wonderful July 4th parade on a beautiful day in Corvallis,
Scenes Along First Street by the Willamette River Corvallis
A walk along First Street by the Willamette River is always
Fireworks by the Willamette River in Corvallis July 4th
The Jaycees in Corvallis Sponsor the Fireworks Display over
Temperatures around Corvallis July 2010
Since the Willamette Valley is in the middle of a heat wa
Cherry Grove & Giant Walnut Tree
Giant Walnut Trees & Cherry Orchards abound in the Willa
Harris Bridge Benton County Oregon
Harris Bridge in Benton County is located near the Harris Br
Rose Garden Avery Park Corvallis
Worth a visit to see the amazing collection of color in the
Two Unique Vehicles
Two vehicles several generations apart relevant to the time
Mimosa Tree Near the Willamette River Corvallis Oregon
Flowering Mimosa Tree on a sunny July day
Corvallis Tourism Historic Homes Trolley Tour
On Saturday July 31st I was one of 26 people who were a p
Unique Transportation at DaVinci Days in Corvallis
Solar Powered vehicle, part of Da Vinci Days Celebration in
Plants Native to Oregon Growing on the Bank of Willamette River in Corvallis
These photos were taken at Willamette Park in Corvallis on a
Benton County Fair August 4th- August 7th
Yesterday I went out to the Benton County Fair to see wha
Some Quiet Moments Around Corvallis on August 5th 2010
While driving around Corvallis on August 5th we visited Will
Willamette River Water Level
In just two months time the Willamette River in downtown Cor
Clothes Line Art Sale Benton County Courthouse Corvallis
Saturday, August 7th was a sunny day in Corvallis and was
A Tour of Trees in Corvallis
Tonight I was a part of a group of approximately 60 Corva
Music at the Saturday Farmers Market in Corvallis
When you do your shopping at the Saturday Farmers Market in
Hot Air Balloons Over Corvallis
It was a beautiful, cool and cloudless sky over Corvallis
Garland Nursery
Garland Nursery is on Highway 20 just a few miles, about fou
Deer Feeding in Corvallis
While on my morning walk I observed these deer feeding on ap
Corvallis the Destination for the Wheat Fleet
Saturday August 21, 2010 was a special Saturday in Corval
Antigue Car Show and Barbecue at Greenberry Tavern Corvallis August 21 2010
DC Hobbs, owner of Dead Center Reloading and the Greenber
Wreck on Highway 99 North of Corvallis August 25 2010
We came upon this vehicle accident on Highway 99, north of C
Corvallis Fire Department Responding to First Presbyterian Church Sept. 1, 2010
On Wednesday evening we were one of the many Corvallis re
House Demolition Corvallis Sept. 9, 2010
While walking South on Kings Blvd. on Thursday, September 9,
Perfect Day for Rhapsody in the Vineyard in Corvallis Oregon
Saturday, September 11, 2010 was a perfect day in Corvall
Evening Rhapsody in the Vineyard in Corvallis
Evening photos around Corvallis
New Vehicles in Corvallis
Corvallis Businessman Bob Pleu and his new toy!
Corvallis Residents Expressing Their Views Against War
Residents of Corvallis, Oregon expressing their first amendm
World Car Free Day Corvallis Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010
Wednesday was a special day for the residents of Corvalli
Apartment Construction in Corvallis
With the record number of students attending Oregon State Un
Corvallis Fall Festival Has Tremendous First Day in Central Park
The weather was great, parking was at a premium and all w
Fall Foliage in Corvallis
Pictures taken near Highland & Spruce St. in Corvallis n
Big Buck Visiting on a Saturday Morning
We had several Deer visit early today. This Buck was a "
Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center Candlelight Vigil Corvallis
Several hundred residents from all over Corvallis braved
2010 Scenes in Corvallis

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