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Garden Update September 27
My garden on September 27, 2013We are waiting fo
Time to Plant Tomatoes
Today I decided to plant four heirloom tomato plants I pu
Garden Update June 29
Garden Update Friday, June 29, 2013The weather h
Garden Update August 18 2013
This summer time has gone by so quickly that I have not h
Summer Flowers Natures Bounty
Summer 2013 has been particularly beautiful. Dry to say the
Sustainability Coalition Edible Front Yard Gardens Tour
Wednesday was just a bit cloudy, humid, perhaps not a &qu
Garden Update September 6 2013
Thursday was not a typical Corvallis weather day. We actuall
Planting Peas February First
Saturday was a perfect day to do most anything! The sun w
Can Hardly Wait Until Spring and Gardening
Today is February 21, 2014.
Bee's Busy at Work in my Garden
A few photos in tribute to those little guys, "Bee's&q

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