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Blueberry Picking in Corvallis and Benton County

Last Modified: 07/12/12
First Published: 08/11/09
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Corvallistidbits has received several questions as to where the best locations are to pick blueberries and blackberries in Corvallis and Benton County Oregon.

The answer is that there are several locations that are great for blueberry picking. If you are looking to bring a picnic lunch then I suggest Andersons Blueberry Farm located a few miles north of Corvallis on Highway 99. They have a separate area on site that has picnic tables and would be nice for lunch.

If you are looking to simply pick blueberries then you can try Radke's and or Blueberry Meadows in Corvallis. Radke's is located on Highway 99 south of Corvallis near the Corvallis Airport.

Blueberry Meadows is located on Highway 20 just North of Corvallis. All of the aforementioned locations are fine and are essentially around the same price point.

If you are looking for certified "Organic" blueberries then you will want to go to Wilt Farms. Wilt has certified "Organic" berries and is approximately 5 miles south of downtown Corvallis on Highway 99 near Corvallis airport. The price is higher at Wilt Farms. You are paying for the "Organic" Blueberries.

Wherever you decide to pick blueberries you will not be sorry choosing any of the above. I have personally picked berries at all of these farms and they are all delicious.

If you are looking to pick blackberries you might want to go to Willamette Park. There are plenty of wild blackberries available. All you need is a plastic bucket and the will to deal with the "Nettles"!


Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:50 pm
Name: Valerie Maddern Comment: I agree with most of what you said here with one exception, if you pick any blueberries at Wilt Farms you may need to get an increase in your credit line. Wilt Farms is way over priced!

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