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Annual Leaf Collection Program Corvallis Oregon

Last Modified: 11/02/07
First Published: 10/27/07
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The Fall Leaf Collection Program will run from Monday, November 5 through Friday, January 4, 2008. Allied waste services will pick up leaf piles that have been placed in the street on the same day as your normal garbage collection.

Leaf piles should be placed one foot from the curb to allow space for rain water to runoff along the curb line. This is the only time leaves may be deposited in the street. At no time may grass, branches, limbs or other debris be deposited in the street. Allied waste will not pick up piles of combined branches and leaves. Please use yard debris containers for these items.

To ensure success of this years program: rake leaves into the street the evening before your area's scheduled leaf pick-up. Avoid raking leaves into curb side bike lanes. Make sure leaves do not block catch basins or storm drains. Avoid parking vehicles near leaf piles, as Allied Waste will not be able to collect leaves blocked by vehicles.

To report service problems or for additional information regarding leaf pick-up, call Allied Waste at 754-0444.

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