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Visits to Local Vineyards July 2016

My Top Ten Reasons Why I Like to Hike Alone

Christmas Eve Greetings From The Trails of The Pacific Northwest

DIY Project Garden Walkway

Walk in the Forest 

Joe's Garden Planting Garlic 

Joe's Garden First Day of Fall 

Joe's Garden and Trip to the Oregon Coast 

Joe's Garden Summer Production Numbers

Fresh Garden Rain Deer and Fall Vegetables

Joe's Garden Building a Deer Fence

 Gardening in the Pacific Northwest











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Here are a few of my favorite photos from Februaury 2016........Here are a few of my Favorite Photos From November 2016! I had so many great photos from November the number swelled to 20! It could have easily been ...A Few of my Favorites from April 2016...I wanted to be creative and prepare an appetizer for our Easter Dinner that would be different as well as tasty. I decided that I would make Scallops ...Well, there were so many great photos from May 2016 I had difficulty selecting just I included 20....!...I especially like these photos....What do you Think? It was difficult to cut the number took several "cuts" to get it to twenty!...A Few of My Favorites From August 2016...Here are a few of my favorites from the month of October, 2016, mostly in Corvallis and environs....United States Senator Ron Wyden (D) Oregon BENTON COUNTY TOWN HALL  Date: Monday, February 20, 2017 11:00 AM  Location: LaSells Stewart...Reception and CAW (Corvallis Art Walk): February 16, 4:00 – 8:00 PMThe Howland Community OPEN Exhibition invites ALL people living in Linn or Be...
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Photos From Events in and Around Corvallis February 2016
Just love that picture of the Oregon Co
Photos From November 2016
The pictures of the lake are so pretty.
Photos From November 2016
Ditto on these pictures. Quite nice.
Favorite Photos From April 2016
I find your pictures to be unique and o
Artichokes with Scallops Recipe
I made this dish for a recent dinner pa
Photos From Events in and Around Corvallis February 2016
Congratulations to Xan Augerot for bein
Photos and Events From May 2016 Corvallis Oregon
Extraordinary pictures. Diverse, with s
Photos From November 2016
The photo of the lake is pure beauty
Photos from December 2016
the diversity of photos is amazing. typ
Favorite Photos From August 2016 In and Around Corvallis
nice sunset and the beach looks invitin

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