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GE Profile 30-Inch Convection Double Electric Wall Oven at Lowes

Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:44 am
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Brand & Type: GE Profile 30-Inch Convection Double Electric Wall Oven

Price Range: $2799

User Level: Experienced-Professional

Rating: Excellent

Description: Double electric wall oven

Pros: Easy-reach oven, extra large oven capacity, self-cleaning oven

Cons: Expense

Conclusion: Wall ovens are intended to be a great alternative to a traditional range unit.  This wonderful double oven from GE possesses two ovens in one.  This feature enables you to cook two different meals at two different temperatures.  The precise air convection system utilizes a reversing fan which circulates heat and air for evenly browned and baked foods.  In-the-door ShadowTouch controls are located on the oven door.  These controls maximize space and simplify cleanup.  The self-clean heavy-duty oven racks can stay in the oven during the self-clean cycle.  This way it eliminates hand cleaning.

The heating element is the first decision a prospective buyer should consider.  Gas and electric are the two basic choices.  In the past, electric ovens took a little longer to heat up than gas ovens, but advances in technology have stemmed the difference.  Choice is largely determined by personal preference.  For example, if you don't possess a gas connection then it may fall to the electric model.

Electric models tend to have a lower starting price.  The capacity is greater and there are more models to choose from.  Gas models, on the other hand, tend to help food retain their moisture.  In the case of this model, there are electronic controls like the gas model and they may overall be more efficient.

Home remodeling is not an everyday investment so we thought an in the wall oven would maximize our investment in home cooked meals and our tendency to cook for family and friends.  Having family over is a sometimes weekly event, so we decided to invest here and started with a double oven.  The multiple course meals designed to entertain and feed the whole family are a pleasure and breeze now with two ovens available to cook two different meals.  In one oven can go the bread and in another a roast.

And besides with a double oven located in the wall, the whole appliance reduces the strain on our backs as we frequently use the product.  This way we are not bending over to see the results of our labor.  We can also keep an eye on what's cooking more easily.  This really helps with cost efficiency and my ability to cook a several course meal.

Pork and chicken are a sometimes weekly event so this double oven rounds out our lifestyle and provides the necessary tool to take care of our cooking needs.  The extravagant dishes I and the family prepare are wonderful to the taste.

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