June 2013 Harvest

Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:33 am
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For the first time, I grew garlic and radishes this year. The garlic is softneck so the heads are smaller than your typical hardneck variety. I do think that I messed up by not planting it until the very end of November and also by not fertilizing it in the early spring. This fall, I will plant it earlier, around the third week of October, and see if I get better results. As it is, I have grown 31 heads of garlic. The radishes were also not what I expected. They grew and they are supposed to be a varietal that has been developed to grow in warmer climates, but the radishes I harvested were exceptionally bitter, so clearly something went wrong there. I'll try growing them again in September and see if I get better results then.


Also including a picture of Bun-bun. He/she is a little bunny who lives in our backyard. We see him/her everyday. He is used to us by now, such that he is almost tame enough to pet. We love Bun-bun (Ben wanted to name him/her "Megatron", so "Bun-bun" it is).

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