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How to Add a Glossary on Christonium - Beta

Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:44 am
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You can now add a Glossary to your account in Christonium.

Step 1: Under "Manage Account" you will see a selection for "Add Glossary", to add the feature select yes and submit the change.

Step 2: Because you selected to add a Glossary to your account a new top-level Category was created with the name "Glossary". You can edit the name of the Category but you cannot move or delete it; you may also create Categories under this special "System" Category which may assist in organizing your Glossary Items.

Step 3: When you wish to create a "Glossary Item" you simply move a current or new item underneath the category "Glossary", or a new category which you may have created underneath the System Category "Glossary".


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