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Glossary Concepts

Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:45 am
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When you install the new Glossary feature on Christonium it allows you to create items that now can be associated to other items.

For example: If you have an article about working with old wood tables you may want to attach articles/concepts/definitions about sanding, staining, or polishing directly to your article. Although these concepts or definitions might also apply to other articles as well which you can now attach to other articles using the Glossary system.

When you edit an existing article you now have the option to "Add Glossary Terms". Simply select the link and a dialog box will appear that asks you to select existing "Items" to attach to the current edited item. Just select and you can add as many as you wish. You may remove a term at anytime, or add additional terms. These terms will appear anytime you view the item.

To create a Glossary item just create a normal item and put it somewhere underneath the Glossary category or a category you may have created underneath the Glossary category.

Glossary program is currently in beta testing.

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