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Mon Jun 18, 2007 7:56 pm
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As the structure of Christonium allows anybody to create a network, gather information and express views and interests, we have been thinking about what groups of people would benefit from this system. Immediately what came to mind after going through the list of people interested in cooking, hobbies, photography, writing etc... was business women. Female entrepreneurs, women in the work force, aspiring stay-at-home moms, really do need a place to connect and share experiences and advice. Being a business-interested woman myself, I have been looking for resources online where women can gather, discuss business topics and help one another and I found that the options were very limited. Most of the time, you can find networks of business people with a static profile and perhaps a message forum where some discussion goes on. But these websites don’t give a complete picture, I don't actually get a "feel" for who these women are as I don't get to know about their business, their goals or their interests.

I think Christonium would provide a very good platform for this purpose, therefore I created a “Women In Business” account inside Christonium. The purpose of this account is to gather different women with interests in commerce that are active on the system. As Christonium gives people the freedom to create a “site” about whatever they want, they can provide a more complete picture of their business, as well as their interests if they so choose. The main purpose though, is to actually give anybody who is interested an opportunity to connect with others, discuss various topics and present their ideas in an open structure.

There are many inspiring people out there who are working on giving women more support and help to achieve greater success professionally. One of whom, Melissa McClenaghan Martin I talked with today. She runs a business,
Career Women's Initiative that focuses on helping women in the workplace. I think what she is doing is quite encouraging as she attempts to give women support and fight issues facing women in the corporate and professional workforce. Hopefully, the Women in Business group inside Christonium can aid this effort and provide a meeting place for all kinds of people to meet, connect and share thoughts and ideas.

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