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Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:40 pm
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Today, The New York Times featured an article in the business section called “Building Companies the Women’s Way – A Network of Incubators and Workshops Help Nurture Fledgling Ventures’. The story covered how female entrepreneurs and business women utilize the Internet, groups and workshops these days to network, seek help and grow their business. Nowadays, there are a lot of options that women can take advantage of as they venture out on their own, such as the organization Ladies Who Launch that hosts incubators around the country to help women start and expand businesses, among other smaller networks online. This is one of the points I have been thinking about lately, as I see many networks and forums online for women that seem useful, yet quite limiting. The Internet is such an interesting tool in that it gives people the possibility to connect on a new level where location doesn’t matter and you can reach so many new people you never would have otherwise.

So, as I look at these various sites online, where their main focus lay in connecting business women together, they have one thing in common: they all set restrictions on what users and readers can do. Sometimes they offer a forum, sometimes a profile, sometimes a simple listing, occasionally they let you write members directly through the system - they do not really give you much freedom in regards to writing about yourself and your business. That’s why I think Christonium is really cool and can actually be a useful tool for many people. Another aspect is that most of these networks (however not all) do charge, which usually turns me off completely, even though I understand in a business environment it can certainly be worth the cost.

I visit various networking sites for women occasionally, the article today, opened my eyes to a few new ones. I frequent quite often to read about new people, see their listings etc... They do not however have much of a social networking aspect to their website and the possible connection with these women over the Internet is quite limiting. One site mentioned in the article, is a little gem of inspirational stories where a selected group of professional women write about their experiences, I had a lot of fun reading through them. Then there are actual networks, or directories of business women such as and, that offers some interactive opportunities through forums and profiles. Another web destination I go to occasionally is, the online version of their print magazine. They usually feature some interesting articles on women in business, networking etc…

I think as we grow older in the age of technology and the Internet, the online world will take a larger part of people’s life. Business women networking on the web is only one example of that, as we can see it happen in countless areas. It will be interesting to see over the next decades how this new phenomenon of the Internet will change and affect human behavior. In the future I can picture web platforms like Christonium really becoming more integrated in our world.

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