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Sun Jun 17, 2007 7:38 pm
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There are many places on the web today that let you utilize the Internet in so many ways whether you are emailing, blogging, socializing, dating, shopping, reading the news, putting up photos, playing games, connecting with people etc… The list goes on… The platform of the Internet provides new opportunities that previously were not possible. Businesses discover new ways to market their products as well as connecting with their customers, and might even go as far as to utilize web software to manage their business and sharing files and documents.

In this environment we have lately seen a trend in individual websites that focus on one function, where you can socialize and put up your profile and party pictures on one website, upload your photos on another, while expressing your thoughts and opinions through a blog on a third site. These areas are usually separated, even though in reality the different parts of someone’s life are connected. On top of that we often see networks that are individually focused on specific interests that hope to gain users devoted solely to their topic. Areas for commerce are usually strictly separate from areas for personal use and most social networks and similar sites restrict business use, as they don’t want commercial interests to mingle with their individual users.

Well wouldn’t it make more sense to create an open, flexible network where user’s can make it into what they want? If someone wants to socialize with friends while writing about their latest dinners and post recipes on the same account, it should be possible. Perhaps this person would in turn be involved in their own business and participate as well in discussions on another account inside the same network where business people are able to connect. Another might want to share private photos with his family while writing about motorcycles under a different category on the same account for his friends to see.

So, users would have the freedom to utilize a decentralized system in any way they see fit. They could create a network focused on any topic and contact people interested in the same subject. Business people could more easily move and talk to “individuals” – because aren’t they many times the same people? This open platform could therefore be utilized in so many ways that it becomes a small world within itself. Various areas that are usually separated could connect and in Christonium you might be able to see users as more “complete” people since it is possible to showcase more than one area of your life.

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