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Mon Jul 02, 2007 1:37 pm
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What we have been trying to accomplish at is to create an environment where users have more control. When we first thought of the concept of this program we were quite fed up with many sites on the web because everything seemed so structured with little room for individual expression, and people were rarely given much choice or information about their privacy and exposure online. We thought that a very flexible place where people would have a choice of their own in regard to their interests, exposure and privacy settings would accommodate a variety of people and actually prove useful.

Today we are introducing a new option for users where they can choose whether or not they want their account to be private (internal to Christonium only) or open for public browsing. This new possibility allows people to use their account on Christonium more fully as a presence on the web, whether as a destination for friends and family, or as a business tool to market your company to anyone. If you choose to make your account open to the public, then your address on Christonium ( is where anyone can find your account. If you choose to utilize your account on Christonium as your own public website, then one option is to point another domain towards this address. You then have an easy-to-manage web-presence under your own name.

So, no matter whether you prefer your account to be private and accessible only by other Christonium-users, or open for anyone strolling by, you can choose what you want.

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