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Thu May 17, 2007 10:45 am
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Q: Can I delete my sent mail?
A: Yes. At you can delete any mail that you sent other users through the system. When you delete a sent message you also delete that same message from the receivers inbox; you have full control over your mail.

Items and Categories

Q: What is a category?
A: A category is a folder in which you can store items.

Q: What is an item?
A: An item is a file consisting of either text, images, documents, video, or a combination.

Q: What does it mean to share an item?
A: To share an item means to organize another users item under your own category. Only the user who created the item can edit and
delete it, in which case the changes appears wherever the item is displayed.

Q: Can I delete an item I share?
A: If you delete an item you share, it will only be deleted from your area. The item will still exist under its original location.

Q: What does it mean to make a category private?
A: If you make one of your categories private, then all the items under that category are private and by default not accessible by any other users. You can, however, grant any number of your contacts private access, in which case they could view all items under that category.

Q: Are items under a private category shareable?
A: No. An item under a private category is not sharable. If you grant your contacts access to a category they can only view the item, not share it.


Q: Can I delete comments I make associated to items?
A: Only the creator of an item can delete comments associated to it; users have no control over the comments they write.


Q: What does it mean to make a contact private?
A: If you make one of your contacts private, then their user name will not appear on your site. Beware though, that YOUR user name will still appear as one of their contacts, unless they make you a private contact as well.

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