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Social Network vs. Social Desktop

Wed Jul 25, 2007 3:31 pm
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We have had many discussions over the course of these last few months about where Christonium really fits in the world. It’s not simply a social network, nor a file storing place, nor a communication system, nor an organization program – it encapsulates all these features. Although, flexibility and various features alone don’t give a complete picture – how would it be described in a simple sentence? Myspace and Facebook are social networks with differences in audience and feel. Vox is a blogging community with social networking features, YouTube is a video sharing site, Flixter is a movie-focused social network, Ning is a platform to create your own social network, the list goes on… These sites can be described in a single sentence and you get the jest of it. What if I say Christonium is an online desktop? Short and sweet – do you get the point?

An online desktop that…, a little tricky yet to understand. Because what does that mean? Well, it’s obviously a place for displaying, storing and organizing your information online, just like you do on your own physical desktop. Let’s add another dimension: an online desktop with social networking features. Because everything is connected online, and so is Christonium – you can share your online desktop with others and let them use your material on their own desktop. If it’s public you by default grant others access to spread your content, so your desktop can expand!

Your Christonium account becomes an online representation of yourself and it’s up to you what you want to represent and what you want to focus on. Personal photos and observations? Fine, get your friends and family to join you. Business use and networking? Good, let your staff know where they can find your documents, let your business associates know where they can find you, and let your customers know about your new site. Personal storage and private conversations? Sure, don’t tell anyone!

So just as you use your actual desktop for organizing and storing information, you can use Christonium for just that, coupled with interactive and social features. An online desktop it is.

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