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Wed Jul 04, 2007 12:43 am
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I recently wrote about the term “Online Desktop” where I explained Christonium in relation to other social networks. A regular desktop displays icons, documents, pictures etc... You click on whatever you want to use and access it within this one area. One problem though, is that your desktop is yours and yours only. You can access the Internet and browse websites, but nobody actually gets to see your desktop, and what you organize, keep and use.

Christonium has redefined the regular computer “Desktop” into a “Social Desktop”. The desktop is social for a number of reasons, although foremost because your items (content) are sharable and no longer restricted to your own use and display.

Items on the Christonium desktop are really cool. We hope to expose people who are not familiar with Christonium to this whole concept – BECAUSE ITEMS ARE REALLY COOL! If you create an item under a public category then it’s a floating piece of material, anybody can share it, organize it and use it inside Christonium. You can wake up one day and realize that this person across the world decided to share your item and now you can see it on his desktop. You want to change it? No problem, edit it, add photos, delete it, whatever you want. But your collection of text, images and documents is not limited to a physical desktop, you have opened it up and let others spread your unique content further. “Floating Items” – I think that is a concept we will keep, along with “Social Desktop.”

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