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Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:22 pm
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Social Desktop

We refer to Christonium as an online social desktop because of your ability to organize, store and display collections of information, photos, videos and documents in an interactive environment. Christonium is not simply a social network, nor a file storing place, nor a communication system, nor an organization program – it encapsulates all these features into one interface: the social desktop.

A regular desktop

The concept of the social desktop is not a direct translation of a regular desktop that brings a blank screen to mind with different icons. No, we like to think of a desktop as someone’s individual collection of information that represents their interests and focus. Your regular desktop allows you to store a variety of material, although nobody actually gets to see what you organize and keep. Christonium on the other hand, allows anyone to make any creative category structure under which they can easily catalog, display and store their own content as well as other user’s material, through Christonium’s unique sharing feature. This makes it possible for people to really explore different topics and make interesting collections of ideas while letting others take part in those interests.

The Social Aspect

The desktop is social for a number of reasons since the system is completely connected; you can make contacts, write people through the internal email system, write comments etc, although foremost it’s social because your content is sharable and no longer restricted to your own use and display. If you create an item under a public category then it’s a floating piece of material, anybody can share it, organize it and use it inside Christonium. Your collection of text, images and documents is not limited to a physical desktop, you have opened it up and let others spread your unique content further. Through this system, you can share your desktop with others and let them use your material on their own desktop.


No matter whether you are here to just observe others desktops, to publish your thoughts and interests, to bring a group together, to advertise your business, or to simply network and connect with others, you have the freedom to create a free online social desktop focused on whatever you want. Utilize it as your own, easy-to-create and easy-to-update website, as a meeting place for friends and family, or as a destination to find new and interesting content that you can actually take part of.

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