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Sharing Cart Help

Sun Jul 29, 2007 12:51 am
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How to I share an item?
To share an item, first find another user's item that you wish to share. Click on the item, and look at the top right corner of the item to find the button: .*
Click on Share and you will immediately see your sharing cart appear at your right side with the item listed in it. You can add as many items as you like to your sharing cart. Now you have to organize your shared items in order for other users to see them on your site.

*If this item is located under a private category the Share link will not appear, as you cannot share someone's private item. The Share button will not appear if this is your own item, or if you already share it.

How do I organize a shared item?
To organize the items in your sharing cart, first go back to your own area by clicking "My Home" at the very top right. Now you will see "Sharing Cart " as a top level category on your site. Click on the Sharing Cart and go to the item you wish to move. Once you are on the item, click "Items" at the top right corner of your area, you will see a message in the right corner:
"Selected Item________"
"Move Item: Yes"
Click Yes to move item. Follow the instructions and go to the category you wish to move the item under. Click "Yes move shared item" once again, when you have found the right category.

(Notice! In order to move a shared item, you must already have created your own categories.)

How do I delete a shared item?
If the item is still in your sharing cart, simply make sure you are on another user's page, so that your sharing cart appears to your right. Delete the item directly from the cart. If you have already organized the shared item under your own category, then simply go to the selected item. Click "Items" at the top right corner of your area, then click "Delete Item? yes" in your top right category box.

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