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Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:25 pm
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Sharing Concepts

Christonium has redefined the concept of sharing content into a broader, more practical application that gives true meaning to the word. The ability to share content has become a frequent sight online where it usually encapsulates sending material to a friend by email, giving access to view a video, tagging a photo, or some other interactive feature… Christonium on the other hand, lets users “share” all public content on the system and actually bring that material into their own desktop to utilize, collect and organize. Each public item on Christonium is a floating piece of material that can appear on different desktops in widely different contexts.

We think that to truly enable a connected environment, sharing must be extended in this way. One very limiting concept online is the fact that information you currently find, whether news articles, recipes, reviews or random websites, are copyrighted and are unable to be shared without written permission. As we envision a more open structure where people can use content easier and without barriers we implemented an idea that gives users much more freedom.

Inside Christonium, any public item, (whether, text, images, videos or documents) is available for any user to share. If somebody shares an item, they can re-organize it under their own categories and have it display on their desktops, although the creator of the item is the only one who can edit or delete it, in which case that item is edited or deleted wherever it’s being shared.

The sharing feature on Christonium can be utilized in various ways:

- Bookmark interesting material in an actual sense. Elsewhere on the web you can book mark sites and articles by a simple link, where on Christonium you can actually make a nice collection of articles of interests and organize them however you like.

- Collect information that supports your interests. If for example you post and gather recipes on Christonium, you can share other recipes that interest you and build an extensive cookbook. This is a simple way to expand the amount of relevant information on your desktop, no matter what the subject is, as well as connect with other users through your association to their item.

- Publish a newsletter and suggest friends and contacts “subscribe” to your content. If you create an item with a news letter about your business, or family events and tell all your friends and associates to share it, then every time you update that item, the changes appear on everybody else’s desktops as well. All users that share your item are notified of your new information as it appears on their home page each time you make an update.

- Make networks and directories of other users and their interests. Share items from different accounts related to the same subject and make a network of anything; perhaps a collection of various photographs, movie reviews, or businesses in your area….

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