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Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:23 pm
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To provide a unique structure which allows the organization, creation, collaboration and sharing of intellectual concepts through a network of social connection and interaction. Catalogue books, recipes, blogs, videos, photos or anything else you can think of, and then share it with the world.


To provide a useful environment which can allow any entity, be it company, individual or association to create content whether in the form of personal statements, political action, commercial interests or religious views, with the expectation of privacy, respect and tolerance of humanities' many differing opinions and objectives.

Account Types

Commercial accounts should be created if the account in any way represents a group, company, political organization, association, government or if an individual wishes to engage in any activity related to commerce.
To simply comment on, or promote a product or industry or idea you do not directly relate to does not constitute the need for a commercial account.


Because many websites use ads, consumers should be made aware that if an advertisement is being viewed online, whether ads on or elsewhere, then their personal information may be at risk. Marketers utilize information gathered through persistent cookies to track purchase histories, location and online behavior. Whether it is your computer type, browsing history or IP address, these data are all potentially exposed through online advertising.
We believe that an account holder on should be able to choose what they are exposed to, whether it is the ads themselves or the knowledge that even though does not utilize persistent cookies to track their movement, or collect potentially personal information, any advertising we place in the browser, from a third party may expose you to methods and data collection does not subscribe to.

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