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Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:17 pm
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Privacy Philosophy believes strongly in the account holder’s right to online privacy and with that thought has created an environment where users can freely participate without the concern that their privacy will be violated. In the world today, many have failed to realize the potential danger involved in providing any kind of personal information, which can be accumulated by anyone. Private information such as names and email-addresses, when combined with online tracking, using persistent cookies is often matched with marketing lists for the purpose of creating specific profiles ultimately related to real people. Marketers are thereby able to accurately subject users to targeted advertising, many times without anyone’s expressed knowledge or understanding. We believe it is fundamentally wrong to subject users to these methods without their knowledge. This is the approach has taken to personal privacy.
  • does not allow any search engine to archive our internal systems.
  • does not require any personal information. We believe there is no reason to further expose anyone to potential misuse of their information.
  • does not distribute users behavioral movements to third parties.
  • does not use persistent cookies.
  • allows account holders control over their exposure to advertising.

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