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Tue May 22, 2007 9:20 am
Comments: 0 Views: 553 announces the release of its new beta-version web application; designed to provide users the ability to connect their content and communications in a single location, while enjoying privacy protections and system customization.

With a unique easy-to-manage interface, is useful for creating, sharing and organizing public and private information. Our diverse network allows individuals and businesses to co-exist and develop greater connection and communications on an equal footing where the quality of the content determines one's reach.

Our main focus is centered around the user's privacy and ability to seamlessly tie their content, unique organizational structure and communications in a simplified interface. offers optional, limited, non-interfering advertising to provide any account holder the choice so often unavailable online today. Whether a business or an individual, club or association,'s open, yet private structure offers a way to share ideas, or just allow private conversations.

The reduced commercialization of the entire service reflects the privacy and security concerns many people have today. has endeavored to provide a useful online application designed to accommodate the needs of people around the world to communicate easier with the knowledge that their privacy is a primary concern.

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