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Possibilities the Internet reveal

Thu Jul 05, 2007 4:13 pm
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I think each day I marvel at the Internet a little more. Here is an example of what unique possibilities this platform presents. Today, The New York Times featured an article about an Indian woman, JN Jayashree, who has started a blog, in order to protect her husband, a whistleblower who has made powerful enemies in his work to fight corruption. Apparently, in India, where corruption and bribes are everywhere, a few whistleblowers have been made horrific examples of, and she fears daily for his life. So, she has decided to take a rather unusual approach to combat this by talking about it publicly through this blog: “I want to inform people that my husband is a whistleblower, so that it becomes the responsibility of every citizen to protect him”, Mrs Jayashree tells the Times.

Imagine any time in history before this point, there would have been no way for her to reach as many people as effectively as she can now due to the Internet. I think it’s quite interesting that people can use means like this, that are completely within most people’s reach, to truly accomplish something and combat serious issues.

It’s funny how small and connected the world is. For example, the other day, we were sitting outside at a coffee shop in the evening watching a video some guy made about the movie Transformers. As we looked around, there were people standing around us watching this little video as well, approaching the laptop as if it were a warm fire. And it struck me, how small and connected the world is, where this obscure, well-made amateur video made its way around the world and reached people who would never have seen it otherwise.

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