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Platform Of Social Websites Integrates RSS Feeds

Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:48 pm
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Comments: 0 Views: 955, A Publishing Network Of User-Generated Social Websites Announces RSS Feed Integration

Corvallis, Oregon, 9/05/2007 –, a platform that provides anyone the opportunity to create a free social website, today announces the implementation of RSS feeds. Each individual account on Christonium (also referred to as Social Website, or Desktop) have their own RSS feed that any visitor can subscribe to.

Christonium is a content-focused network where individuals as well as businesses can create free websites. The addition of RSS feeds provides each account on Christonium the tools to reach more people and provide content more efficiently to visitors, in the format of RSS feeds. Anyone who creates a site on Christonium receives this benefit automatically and any visitor that comes across a site on the Christonium Network can easily subscribe to any website.

About Christonium: provides individuals as well as businesses a free platform that combines display, storage and communication. All users are publishers through their personal website where they can create categories, display and organize any content, share other user’s material and connect and communicate with different people. Christonium is powered by a custom-built application that offers several unique features such as: creative control over category structure and content, un-paralleled sharing features and precise privacy settings.

Through this platform, Christonium aims to provide people a truly useful place online that can be utilized to organize and share information whether for the purpose of displaying content publicly, or privately for selected people only. No matter whether you have an interest that you'd like to write about, or a business you wish to promote, you can make a site on Christonium absolutely free.

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