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How To Make A Great Website On Christonium

Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:29 am
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OK, so you made an account on Christonium, now what do you do? Most likely, you want to build a site that generates traffic and gets noticed in the search engines, as well as displays your message (whether it's your business, your interests, your writing etc...) clearly. You want a site that looks good and that will bring people back. So how do you create a great site on Christonium?

Step One: The Design Setup
First of all, let's get your site ready to face the world. Using the “Administration” function, you can design your account to reflect yourself, your business, or your interests. You can either choose one of our pre-defined color themes, or you can make your own. Simply go to "Administration" -> "Design" and choose the colors and fonts for the different areas of your account.

Step Two: Your Logo, Homepage Text and Image
Now, let's make your site a little more personable by adding a picture/logo that will represent your account, as well as text and an image for your homepage. Again, go to “Administration” and click “Homepage.” Here you can add a homepage message (Try not to write too long of a message since it will stretch down on your home page), a picture/logo, as well as a homepage picture. Generally, a smaller picture for your homepage looks more proportionate.

Step Three: Create Categories
Now, let's create your first categories that will reflect the content you plan to publish. Simply go to “Administration” and click “Create Top Category.” Be sure to be descriptive when you name your categories. If you're planning to create a lot of categories, it's usually a better idea to create a few general top categories, and then create several descriptive subcategories underneath.

Step Four: Create Content
This would be a good time to add some content under your categories. All content is created within items, and to create an item, simply go to “Administration,” and then click on the category (from your top navigation bar) that you wish to store this item under. Next, click “Create Item.” For more information on how to format your items, please click here.

TIPS! It's very important to create good content if you wish to attract visitors from search engines. The more descriptive your title as well as the first sentence is, the better chance you'll have at achieving great ranking in the search engines. And if you put up good content on a regular basis, you are more likely to get visitors that comes back frequently, the keyword here is consistency!

Step Five: Visit other sites and start networking
Christonium is a social, connected system, so why don't you take a stroll around and see what others are doing. It's easy to visit other sites: you can always start out on the Christonium Home Page. So start networking, make contact with people, write comments, share items and organize them on your site. Once you make contacts, you can utilize your Mail Center to privately communicate.

Step Six: Spread The Word
Now that you have your website on Christonium, why don't you invite some friends and tell people about your site. After all, it's more fun to publish content and work on your site if your friends come along as well...

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