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How Christonium began

Mon Jun 18, 2007 7:55 pm
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The idea for Christonium was born out of a want to organize recipes, as we thought it would be a neat idea to catalog recipes online to share with friends and family. When we started to discuss and think more about it the idea extended into other areas – wouldn’t it be nice to organize and display photos as well? What about writings, articles, videos etc… As this line of thought grew more prominent, a recipe site seemed limiting, and a more flexible structure became appropriate. Then anybody who creates an account could organize and display any kind of information, as well as design their area in anyway they want. Yes, the structure would be unfocused, but that in turn would allow more individual freedom.

As this idea formed, and we got the basic structure more established, many features grew over time. We started to think about how to spread content more across the system and the idea of literal sharing developed where one person can share another user’s content and re-organize it under their own area. The mail system is another point which allows people to directly communicate with other users without having to go through regular email.

One of the main points has been to tie people more directly to other people as well as to actual content. A user’s choice of categories defines their focus and interests and if they share other people’s content they have tied themselves to that person in a unique way by utilizing their text/photos/videos for support on their own site. Of course, you can also make contact with other user’s and define your relationship through that connection, as well as writing comments on their items, and also communicating directly through the mail system. The transparency of the system allows for more interaction and connection which makes the world smaller and more connected - we think that is great.

We thought a few months about a name, which we wanted to to be very genuine. After a while, we decided to use a name we had for a long time, previously used for a school project. The name Christonium is actually a twist on the periodic table - some playing with names and elements produced (chris)tonium.

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