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Formatting Items

Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:44 pm
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The addition of the item-formatting-bar does greatly increase the user’s creative control on Christonium. Any item can now be formatted extensively to fit each desktop’s objective, as it is possible to create tables, format text, include links and embed linked photos directly within the item, among other things.

Let’s go over what the new bar looks like, and what the most important functions are that will enhance your item’s function and appearance.

On the map of the bar I have highlighted some of the more useful features that people might have some trouble finding. I haven’t bothered to highlight more common formatting options such as bold, italic and underline for example, since most people will probably have no problem finding those.

Here are the icons that are highlighted on the image:

  • Inserting Tables
  • Bullet Formatting
  • Linking
  • Linking Images
  • Inserting Custom Characters
  • Text color

To insert a table here works similarly to a word document: click this icon, and choose the number of rows and columns for your table. Once you have inserted your table, you can edit it by putting your mouse over it, right-click and choose one of the options. “Table Properties” for example allows you to customize your table; choose a background color or background image, align it etc… Once the table is created, you can choose what you want to place within your table: to organize text and images within a table greatly improves the design of your item.

Bullet formatting
To organize lists of texts, or highlights in a bullet point format creates a more readable experience. Simply highlight the area you wish to bullet point and then click one of these buttons depending whether you want a chronological format (1,2,3) or a bullet point format.

Previously it was not possible to link outside websites within Christonium, but with this feature it is now possible. Simply highlight text you wish to link, click on this linking icon and insert your link in the pop-up window. The pop-up window also allows you to add a title to your link, as well as specify whether you want the link to open up in a new window or just replace the current view (it’s nice to set your links to open up in a new window to keep a consistent view and eliminate confusion.)

Linking opens up many new possibilities within Christonium. In addition to linking to outside websites, you can now also link your various items together. For example, you can make lists of different items that are related and link back to them, all within the same item. To illustrate this, let’s say you have several baking recipes on your desktop. Now you can create an item titled “My Favorite Baking Recipes,” then link all your bread recipes there and write a small review about each of recipe. This method allows you to increase and connect your content in a new way where you can associate items previously separated.

Linking images
Now you can create items and utilize images from other websites on the web. In addition to uploading images, you can go to a website, find an image you’d like to use, put your mouse over it, right click and select “Copy Image Location.” Now you go back to creating your item, click on this icon to link images, and insert the link in the pop-up window. The pop-up window also allows you to add a title as well as a description of your image. You can also specify the dimensions of your image, in case you want to edit its size as well as align it, set a border etc… You can add as many linked images within your items as you wish and format them, place them in tables and make them look really good!

Inserting Custom Characters
This little icon allows you to choose between an array of custom characters. No matter whether you need to find an £  or an ♥, you’ll probably find it here.

Text Color
If you wish to highlight certain parts of your item by giving it a different font color, then here is where you do that. Simply highlight the text you wish to edit, then click on this icon and select a color. Next to this icon you can set an image background color to your text if you want to get really fanciful!

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