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Mon Sep 24, 2007 4:54 pm
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What is Christonium?
Christonium is a platform that enables anyone to create a free web presence.

How do I create a website on Christonium?
Simply fill out this short form and then you’re ready to design your webpage, create categories and add content.

What features does a website on Christonium offer?
Christonium provides you with a set structure, and you can customize each element within that structure. You have full control over category structure and content and can easily add, modify and update any part of your account. Christonium also offers RSS feeds, precise privacy settings, advanced built-in search engine optimization as well as various social features.

Why do you call a site on Christonium a “social website”?
All sites on Christonium have several social aspects integrated to it, such as contacting, sharing and commenting features as well as an internal mail system that enables you to communicate with other Christonium sites and also enables anyone to write to your site.

Can I make a website for my business?
Yes. You can make a website for your company and advertise your business absolutely free. We only ask you to specify your intentions by creating a business account.

I want to put up private photos for my friends and family, is that possible?
Yes, Christonium enables you to make any category private under which you can store photos, documents and information. You can specify exactly what other accounts are granted access to any specific private category.

Can I use Christonium as a blog?
Yes, Christonium provides an excellent platform for a blog. It’s very easy to create, publish and organize content as well as design your site. Christonium also provides each site their own RSS feed so visitors can subscribe to your content.

I don’t have search engine optimization on my current website, can Christonium be helpful to me?
Each Christonium site comes with built in search engine optimization which have proved very effective. If you make a site on Christonium and put up good content, you have a very good chance at coming up high in the search engines for terms related to your content. We recommend anyone who wants greater exposure online to create an account on Christonium and publish content on a regular basis. If you already have a website, your Christonium site will create an effective complimentary web-presence.

I’m concerned about my personal online exposure, how protected am I when I use Christonium?
Christonium has gone to great lengths to assure users privacy. If you are concerned with your exposure online, Christonium provides a great platform because: we don’t allow any search engine to archive our internal systems; we don’t require any personal information; we don’t use persistent cookies and we do allow account holders control over their personal exposure to advertising.

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