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Design Upgrade

Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:48 pm
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By now, some of you have familiarized yourself a little with Christonium’s new changes and we are excited to present this make-over after some intense developing time. Various parts now work a little different, we have added some features and the design has changed overall.


As you might have noticed, each desktop has gotten a face-lift! We have moved some things around, created some different shades of color at each desktop, put more focus on the item and doodled around a little in general. The home page of Christonium has also received a new look, as well as the very top bar that appears everywhere.

Design Themes

To make it slightly easier to design your desktop, in case you don’t want to spend time selecting all the colors yourself, you can now start out with one of our pre-set color themes. We have removed all the little design buttons on your account, now you can edit the design of your desktop by clicking “Administration” that appears in your top navigation bar and selecting “Design”. To select a theme, you simply go to the underlying category: “Default Themes.” Feel free to play around and try some different looks – just beware that your current design will be overwritten.

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