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Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:03 pm
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One of the more important aspects of the social desktop is the communication between users. Once you’re logged in, you can write comments on items or your can utilize Christonium’s internal email system to privately write other users. The Mail Center is integrated into the program and provides a good alternative to outside email systems on the web.

Here are a few examples that differentiates Christonium’s Mail Center from traditional email systems:

- Since Christonium is a contained environment and the mail system is internal, there is no outside spam to infiltrate your account.

- You can choose whom you want to communicate with, since in order to write other users you need to approve that account as your contact.

- You have full control over the messages you send. If you wish to delete a message you sent to one of your contacts, that message will also be removed from the inbox of that user. This means that each user’s mail belong to them and they can determine if they wish to keep or delete their sent mail, so if messages in your inbox are removed then the sender determined they wanted to delete that message.

- Each user is represented by a desktop. Instead of sending mail to an “empty” email address, you can actually visit that person’s account and see their desktop and all it entails.

- The message system works in real time. When you send traditional emails online, each message goes through various servers and is only sent successfully if the receiving email address functions properly. Often messages are delayed and do not reach their destination immediately. Since the Mail Center in Christonium works internally there are no such obstacles and all messages reach the receiver immediately.

- Christonium does not let any search engine source or cache any messages. Many email systems online cache and source your email in order to provide more targeted advertising that reflects the content of your emails. Often if you delete one of your emails, it’s not actually deleted from the email-provider’s servers until long after, if ever. Since, at Christonium we do not let any search engine go through your mail, and we actually remove deleted messages immediately from our servers, you can always delete your mail at any time without worrying that your private mail is still cached out on the web somewhere.

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