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Christonium redefines sharing

Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:08 pm
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One of the most unique concepts inside Christonium is sharing. You might be saying, "We hear about sharing all the time; social networks, videos sites, photos sites etc. all let you share things with your friends, your family, the whole world! That is one of the most common concepts of the social online network." Well, the definition of that kind of sharing basically means that you allow others the ability to SEE your content, where people on the web have access to view your photos, your videos, your blog etc… and perhaps make comments, tag your photos and link back to your information.

We think that to truly enable a connected environment, the definition of sharing must be extended. One very limiting concept online is the fact that information you currently find, whether news articles, recipes, reviews or random websites, are copyrighted and are unable to be shared without written permission. As we envision a more open structure, where people can use content easier and without barriers we implemented an idea that gives users much more freedom. This is how it works: inside Christonium, any public content (whether, text, images, videos or documents) is available for any other user to share within their own account. If somebody shares an item (our definition of content) they are thereby able to re-organize it under their own category structure. To illustrate this, lets say I write a site devoted to apples. I then come across an apple farmer’s account on Christonium where he writes about the best techniques to grow apples. Now, his information supports my interest and I decide to share his items. I make a new category on my account called, “Growing Apples” along with my other categories “Wonderful Pies” and “Favorite Types of Apples”, and organize his text appropriately. So, now I just expanded the amount of relevant information on my site and I also further spread the farmer’s content and made his site connected to mine by association.

This whole sharing idea is very much like a publishing concept. If for example, you create an item with a news letter about your business, and tell all your friends and associates to share it, now every time you update that item, the changes appear on everybody else’s site as well. Anyone who shares your item is notified of your new information as it appears on their home page each time you make an update.

Sharing in this sense works well, since somebody can literally use Christonium solely for the purpose of organizing other’s information in a true bookmark-like fashion. Instead of book marking sites and articles by a simple link, you can actually make a nice collection of interest! Likewise, you can create any network. For example, at the women in business area on Christonium, I attempt to share other women’s information about themselves and their business. This method allows me to make a directory of various business women with their own content. The same technique could be used in many areas: share items from different accounts related to the same subject and make a network of anything. Perhaps a collection of various nature photographs, bbq recipes, movie reviews etc... there are so many possibilities. We are quite excited about sharing, because it allows so many things you can’t do elsewhere!

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