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Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:29 pm
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Christonium has now started a blog!

This blog will be an attempt to explain and talk about the private network, which was built with a strong philosophy in mind in regard to privacy, security, layout, structure, design and usefulness among other things. Hopefully we can through this platform further expand our ideas and purpose while reaching out and giving insight to people about our unique venture. went live in public beta a few weeks ago, after about 7 months of intense development. All through this time we have thought and analyzed in depth about what the Internet could and should be like, how can it ultimately be used, what would be the most reasonable and efficient structure, how can you tie various people together, how can you create something more complete? The question about online privacy and security bothered us, as websites collect so much information and mistakes happen more frequently with lost data and glitches in systems. With all this hype and attention to the world of web 2.0 and social networking, everything seemed so flashy and over-the-top for no apparent reason, so back to basic seemed like the obvious choice in regard to structure, design and overall intention.

So, with these various thoughts in mind, we have attempted to create a system that we actually want to use ourselves, that we represent and that shows how we think the Internet could be utilized for both practical as well as social reasons – simple, yet complete; useful and practical, yet fun and social, decentralized, yet connected. So what does this structure allow? gives individuals as well as businesses the opportunity to connect with one another, to express views and interests, to organize and catalog information, photos, and videos, to literally share other’s content. As anybody can project a more complete view of themselves to the world, they can find likeminded people which they can write directly through the system and with whom they can exchange content. Someone can use for strictly business reasons, for social reasons, or a mix in between. However, no matter for what purpose it is used, christonium’s strict privacy policy allows users to move freely without concerns that their personal privacy may be violated.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride as we continue working and spreading the system as well as further analyzing and discussing Christonium, the Internet, people, privacy and functionality.

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