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Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:27 pm
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Christonium has lately integrated a search system that allows account-holders and visitors to search the web for improved results. We have tried to keep the view consistent, so you can stay within the frame of your account, and search the web conveniently without leaving Christonium.

All search terms are made public within Christonium, although we do not specify which user actually performed the search. To view a desktop's search history, you simply go to that account, click on search and view “General Search History.” There you will see all searches that were made on that desktop, and you can also view your own search history on that desktop. By letting the searches be public, the whole system becomes more transparent and open. It can be quite interesting to see what searches are performed on different desktops, and this system also lets you keep track of your own search record privately.

There are several cool things about this search system. First of all, you can specify where/what you want to search. At the moment we let you search the Internet, mp3 files on the web, the Christonium network, each individual desktop and custom searches specific to each desktop.

Each desktop on Christonium is equipped with its own search area where you can search that account specifically or their custom search, if available. Users can specify a custom search by entering in websites that they trust and that relates to their interests (this is done by clicking search on your desktop, then clicking “Custom Search Settings”). So for example, if your desktop is focused on movies and actors, you might add imdb and yahoo movies to your custom search and name it “Movie Search.” Now, when someone types in a movie title in your search bar on your desktop and specify your custom “Movie Search”, then only those websites that you included are actually searched through. This can be quite useful, as it will be much easier to find trustworthy information relevant to your interests!

To view what websites someone includes within their custom search, you simply go to that desktop, click on their search (located on their home page) and view their Custom Search Settings.

We are quite excited about this search system and hope to improve it further. If you have any questions or comments, please write Christonium and provide some feedback.

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