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Attention!!! Christonium System Updates

Mon Aug 13, 2007 12:25 am
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Hello all users of Christonium!

Today we are introducing some new changes and upgrades to Christonium. We will be posting more information on the Christonium account about each upgrade, but here is a quick list of improvements that have affected the look and function of your desktop.

  • Christonium’s design has changed in numerous places. You will notice your personal desktop looks slightly different as well as other parts of the system.
  • We have repositioned the mail center and the administrative center on each desktop. The mail center is accessible from the very top navigation and the administrative center is located as one of your top categories. The way the administrative system (creating categories and items for example) works has changed, hopefully it will make it easier to manage your account.
  • We have expanded the item’s formatting potential. Now you can format your text, create tables and add links among other things in each item.
  • We have added a public tracking feature on each desktop that gives visitors the possibility to follow a desktop’s traffic history. Now you can visit any desktop on Christonium and see detailed visitor history in regard to which categories and items that are being looked at each day, although visitors are not associated to specific Christonium users.
  • We have implemented a search system inside Christonium. Now you can utilize Christonium to search the web as well as the system. We are also offering users the feature of creating a public custom search engine that searches your favorite sites for improved results!
  • Christonium accounts are currently set to Open for Public Browsing, but all private items and categories are still private. If you wish to set your desktop closed for public browsing you can edit your account at any time.

We hope you will enjoy these improvements. You might experience some issues if you are using Internet Explorer, which we are working on. Here is a link to a more secure web browser: FireFox

Please feel free to write us if you have any comments, thoughts or questions.


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