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Administration Changes

Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:50 pm
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Some of the more substantial changes Christonium has gone through lately are layout based and administrative. We have moved the center for creating and managing categories and items, as well as the mail center. Previously the admin center called “Create Categories and Items” was located at the top right corner of your desktop above the mail center. The idea was that you could manage your desktop, look at your mail and see new items all at the same time. But after a while, we realized that the flow could be improved and that both the admin center as well as the mail center were somewhat cramped and difficult to work with. So, now we have separated them both out, and combined a lot of administrative functions such as design and managing your account under an admin area. This can be accessed from your top navigation bar where you’ll see a white Administration “button.” Your mail center on the other hand can be accessed from the very top bar next to “My Home.”

The flow of administrative functions such as creating and managing categories and items remain largely untouched. When you access the administration bar, there are two areas: one to the left and one to the right, that displays the management of categories and item.
The left box controls category functions and the right box controls item functions. Depending on where you are on your desktop and what categories and items you are accessing, the bar responds and presents you with different options at different times.

The basic idea is still that you click on a category in your top navigation bar that you wish to work with, then access “Administration,” specify the task you wish to perform, such as add a subcategory, move, edit or add an item… then follow instructions and complete the task. So in other words, if you wish to move an item under a different category, you first access the item, then click “Administration” and specify “Move”, then find the category you wish to move the item under, and then confirm again in the administration bar. It’s almost like an on or off button. If the administration is “on,” and if you move within your categories, you can perform various tasks. Although if you click on your Home, or site map, the administration basically goes “off.”

The main point to think about, is that you click “Administration” each time you wish to do something administrative. Then you interact with your categories and items, and then confirm back with you administrative box. Back and forth, back and forth, if you get lost, simply click “Administration” and start back over. Even though it might sound slightly confusing, it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it.

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