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Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:22 pm
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About Christonium

Welcome to Christonium – a unique community of social desktops where people can publish and organize content and connect with others. provides individuals as well as businesses a free platform that combines display, storage and communication. Create your own desktop on Christonium to display and catalogue content, customize the design, set precise privacy settings and communicate with other users, or simply browse existing desktops and discover interesting collections of content. Christonium allows users to fully explore various subjects and organize your own material as well as other user’s within your personal desktop.

Content is distributed easily throughout the Christonium network. Your items have the possibility to reach a lot of viewers, or you can select to make your categories open only to selected contacts. All public items on Christonium are floating and can appear on different desktops in widely different contexts, because of Christonium’s advanced sharing feature. This makes it possible for users to bookmark and collect interesting items in a real, practical way.

Each user on Christonium has their own desktop where they can showcase, catalogue and display their thoughts, images, videos and documents. Each desktop can be highly customized so that users can really create a space of their own whether for the purpose of publishing material, storing private content, creating a web-presence, or connecting with different people.

Christonium also provides each desktop with a customized search system that can be utilized to achieve greater results and set custom search settings. All search terms are made public within Christonium, although not associated to specific users.

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