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A 4th of July Salute

Wed Jul 04, 2007 12:25 pm
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Today, at the 4th of July, many Americans around the country watch parades, wave flags and grill hot dogs. Perhaps the day reminds some of values the founding fathers brought along and provides as sense of pride and freedom.

I think this is a good day, to ponder upon the entrepreneurial spirit these values did enhance, which I find very appealing in this country. America is built by immigrants fighting to create their own success in the world, which today have resulted in a rich entrepreneurial culture of go-getters and ambitious spirit.

The Internet in turn, has made this even more possible for many people that can now start ventures with little capital, and few complications. What really is necessary is time, effort and determination - and so many new businesses develop each day in this fashion because it is possible! I know of few places in the world where enterprise and ambition is as appreciated and welcomed as it is in this country, here people want to fulfill the American dream through hard work and they greatly admire and respect those who do succeed. What a great breeding ground for interesting ventures and projects.

Now, we find ourselves in the same boat as countless before us, where we are determined to fight in order to create something truly unique through individual will and effort.

So, today on the 4th of July, I wish to salute the entrepreneurial spirit of America that allows businesses to grow, people to develop and the country to constantly change!

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