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Red Hook - Late Harvest Autumn Ale

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:25 am
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It is already that time of the year again and the Autumn seasonals are starting to show up. I picked this up along with Mendocino's Oktoberfest. I found both beer to be different and yet appropriate for the coming cooler months.

Late Harvest poured amber with a weak, loose white head.

Its aroma was sweet and malty. I could also smell some alcohol but overall the nose of this beer was light. However as the beer warmed apple pie spices developed

The flavor profile was also lighter. Up front the autumn notes hit with cinnamon, clove and cherries. Light caramel and vanilla notes from the malts served as the backbone of the beer. Late Harvest did finish slightly sour but also dry as the hops kick in.

The carbonation as well as the body I would consider medium and the texture of the beer seemed oily.

Red Hook's Fall seasonal was not a ground breaking beer but it was a very good beer none the less. For me I will stick with Red Hook's IPA, even in the Fall which as I write this is in the fridge.


Magic Hat #9

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:39 am
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This beer from South Burlington, Vermont is awesome. I first had this in draft, up in Baltimore at a pub just before going to an Orioles game.

I have liked this beer ever since.

#9 is a full-flavored, medium-body amber ale.

In bottle or draft, the aroma and flavor is dominated by apricot bathed in caramel malts. Personally I like it a lot better in draft as the apricot just does not come through in the bottle the same way.

The beer is not overly sweet and there is a nice balance between the apricot and the malts.

With its unique apricot flavor, complimented by the perfect amount of carbonation (moderate), #9 is an easy drink to like.


Heavy Seas - Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale

Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:02 pm
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I asked the guys at my beer store to recommend something hoppy - super hoppy that were not necessarily an IPA per se. This and Heavy Seas - Small Craft Warning were their choices. I am still "hopped up" with the warmer weather and needed a hops fix. Both of these beers from Heavy Seas lived up to the recommendations. Loose Cannon especially did the trick, as it was floral, fruity and appropriately bitter - which was just what I wanted. Thought not identified on the bottle as an IPA, I would consider the style of this beer as one.

Loose Cannon poured amber with a well-laced head that stuck around as a thin film on the surface of the beer as I drank it over time.

This is one hopped up beer. The aroma is fruity, piney and floral. As soon as I poured this, the genie in the bottle was released and aroma took over the senses. The hops were very bright and fresh which was exactly what I wanted.

For the most part the aroma was duplicated in the flavor of this beer except just amplified. The piney flavors of the hops were front-loaded but transitioned to the fruitier notes at the back of the pallet. The fruit flavors were dominated by strawberry notes and the fruity nose of the beer added more fruit to the whole experience. The ale backbone of the beer came through as light brown sugar that took some of the edge off the hops. The sweetness of the beer was up front and the beer finished with a zing of clean-crisp bitterness.

This beer was also highly carbonation. The little bubble would pop, resulting in an explosion of hops.

For a 7%+ ABV the alcohol was well masked. I could not taste it at all.

Heavy Seas did an excellent job with this beer. It was smooth and silky - until the hops kicked in. What a great beer this was.



Iron City

Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:32 am
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Blue collar, the Steelers, Carnagie, foundries, Primanti Brother's sandwiches and of course Iron City beer. Those are just a few of the things Pittsburgh is all about. Iron City (IC) is a beer to drink in the context of Pittsburgh, PA and the US, industrial midwest.

This is a beer from a by gone era of brewers: Rheingold, Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, Strohs. Prior to writing this I did a search to find out what others thought of IC.

I came across this review/comment for IC on the and believe it nailed it sarcastically.

"Taste: starts light malts, slightly sweet, then suddenly you get hit with heavy grain husk, astringent bitterness, and heavy creamed corn. Mouthfeel: a bit light, metallic and odd crispness at the end."

Don't be turned off by that accurate description as that to me is what make IC such an experience. The beer is industrial America and can only come from a city like Pittsburgh.

I suggest if you want the IC experience, try finding the aluminum bottles. They keep the beer a lot colder, takes the edge off the aftertaste and turns this beer into a very refreshing drink. Otherwise, in the can, I am reminded of the label for the beer Olympia (Dustin Hoffman drinks one in The Graduate) which says "Good Luck".

Homemade NY Style Pastrami and Sour Pickles

Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:13 pm
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Method for the Katz Deli Style Pastrami

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