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Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:48 am
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DIY home building kits would be worth checking out if you're in the market for a new sturdy structure. A DIY home building kit should be durable, practical and durable. You can find DIY home building garage kits, DIY home storage building kits as well as DIY log home building kits among other products. A building kit can be a fun and interesting project to take on. No matter whether you're looking to start a house building project with a home building kit or a log cabin building kit, or a hobby project with a guitar building kit or a kids building kit, you're sure to find something that will suit your needs as well as your wallet.



"The Oak Ridge Cabin is a 3 Season 12’ wide engineered cabin with solid wood walls kiln dried to 10-12% moisture content. The outside surface is milled round like a log, and the inside surface is milled to knotty pine paneling. The roof system has a 6/12 pitch and select knotty pine paneling to give a charming open beam cathedral look to the cabin. Insulation kits are available. If the building needs to be moved after construction it is easy to do by removing the screws and disassembling it. The panels may be fastened together and reassembled after being moved to a new location!



"The Stony Creek Cottage is a 3 Season 12’ or 16’ wide engineered affordable Cottage. Wall panels have the log siding, insulation and ¾” T&G knotty pine paneling installed in each panel. The 2’ wide roof panels have soffit vent and the insulation installed hidden above the exposed ¾”x 6” tongue & groove select knotty pine paneling; this gives open beam cathedral ceiling elegance at an affordable price."

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