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Broyhill Canopy & Four Poster Bed

Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:15 pm
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A Broyhill canopy bed or a Broyhill four poster bed would a stylish addition to any bedroom. Broyhill canopy beds as well as Broyhill four poster beds are sturdy, elegant and well made. You can find a range of Broyhill Furniture canopy beds such as Broyhill twin canopy beds, Broyhill queen canopy beds as well as Broyhill king canopy beds and four poster beds in wood and metal. Broyhill Furniture would certainly make an exclusive addition to any home. No matter whether you're looking for Broyhill bedroom furniture, Broyhill living room furniture or Broyhill dining room furniture, you're sure to find something that will fit your space and your decor perfectly. 


Broyhill Stetler Manor Four Poster Bed

"Tradition. Nothing bridges past and present like traditional design. Stetler Manor is both familiar and fresh, with its appealing 18th and 19th century motifs and updated functional features that make your bedroom a cherished retreat. Whether you're creating a room that steps back in time or blending traditional and contemporary elements, Stetler Manor has everything you need. Opulent carvings and turned posts, a lustrous finish, and beautifully matched veneers are timeless details that will keep your bedroom up to date and the perfect reflection of your good taste."

Broyhill Addison Canopy Bed

"Sanctuary, haven, retreat: the bedroom is the most personal space in the home, so fill it with the style you love and furnishings that indulge every comfort. Addison dominates the room with bold black, traditional details, and splendid craftsmanship. Each and every piece you choose will have a story you’ll treasure as years go by."

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