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Union Pipe Fitting

Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:37 pm
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Whether you're searching for an appliance, heating, cooling or  plumbing for a brass compression fitting - then look no further than Lowe's. The reasonable fittings from American Valve, Watts and Vanguard, to name a couple, offers compression fittings at reasonable prices, sizes and brands. According to Wikipedia "Compression fittings are also used extensively for hot and cold water faucets (taps) and toilet stop valves; compression fittings are well suited to this application, as these valves are usually located in confined spaces where copper pipe would be difficult to solder without creating a fire hazard".

So, mostly used because they do not need soldering and are not needed to flex or bend, the compression fittings are bulky and less attractive. Although the brass boiler drain valve, in various sizes, in brass and pvc offers solutions to many problems. Whether you're repairing, replacing or connecting in an emergency a compression fitting is a good choice for any project.

Home Depot has quite a selection of union pipe fittings. My husband recently sent me to our local store to purchase a brass fitting for a project he was working on, and should I be surprised, but I was totally out of my element! It's been awhile, but now the Anderson Barrows goes by the name Watts and that's what we were accustomed to purchasing. However, I soon found exactly what we were searching for. The pipe fittings are used in plumbing systems and we needed one quick! Since the tubular or "hollow cylinder" is interchangeable with a level of "rigidity and permanence" used with elbows and tees to form custom settings, I was determined to come home with the exact fitting, not to mention size!

Yes, I purchased the perfect union pipe fitting to conform to our home task at a reasonable cost. I also saw several uses for the union pipe fittins for building materials and outdoor development, but mostly plumbing issues. Other brands included BrassCraft, Mueller Streamline, Mueller Global and the Watts brand which we were familiar with. Found in a variety of sizes, some were multi-purpose with standard compression fittings, inserts and connections. The range of union pipe fittings are all found in brass and polyethylene in various sizes. The lesson is alaways send a wife into the unkown, to purchase the correct union pipe fitting!

Anderson Barrows
PB962P 7/8" Compression Union
Use with copper, aluminum, polyethylene, vinyl, polybutylene, or nylon tubing

 Compression Union

Anderson Barrows
PB962R 1/2" x 3/8" Compression Reducing Union
Use with copper, aluminum, polyethylene, vinyl, polybutylene, or nylon tubing

Compression Reducing Union

the union pipe fitting is found at

Brass 1 4 Pipe Fitting

Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:36 pm
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The brass 1/4 inch pipe fitting is used to connect pipes to adapt to different shapes and sizes to regulate or measure flow. Amazon offers several types and varieties for different functions. Some include a male pipe elbow brass fitting, pipe thread hexagon plug fitting, nipple fitting and more. These fittings offer vibration resistance, temperature range, dry seal and working pressure. So no matter what you're looking for, the selection at Amazon offers a wide variety of sizes and brass pipe fittings for any project as well as supplies, tools from a number of manufacturers for fixtures and other projects.

I recently needed one of these 1/4 inch fittings and to my surprise and delight Amazon had the exact fitting I was searching for. Yes, a satisfied customer for a sturdy and durable product.

"POLYLINE" BRASS NUT FITTING Thread Size: 3/8-24 Cross Reference: 1261 x 4 Tube Outside Diameter: 1/4 Quantity: 10 per package. Vibration resistance is excellent. Not recommended for steel tubing. Use 92319 Polyethylene thin wall tubing. Polyline Fittings are easy to assemble, no flaring is necessary. Weatherhead® PT200 and PT240 plastic tubing requires a plastic sleeve. Typical Applications: pneumatic instrumentation circuits, lubrication, and cooling lines. Used with aluminum, copper, or hard plastic tubing (plastic tubing requires a brass sleeve). Temperature range depends on tubing used: for brass sleeve: -65° F. to 250° F., for plastic sleeve: -40° F. to 150° F. Pressure: Up to 500 psi depending on tube size. When using plastic tubing, use the working pressure for type used.

"IMPERIAL SUPPLIES" PIPE ELBOW Brass Pipe Thread Elbow Fitting. Brass Pipe Thread Fittings are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ASA, ASME, SAE, and Mil. specifications Dry seal pipe threads. Vibration resistance: fair Working pressure up to 1,200 psi. Can be used with brass or iron pipe. Temperature Range: -65° F. to 250° F. Pipe Thread: 1/4-18 Cross Reference: 3500 x 4

the 1 4 brass fitting is found at

Brass Fittings

Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:21 pm
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One Saturday afternoon, we needed one of these brass fittings, and of course, my husband sent me to search for this specific piece for our hose. Well, naturally I didn't know what I was looking for, since brass fittings are made for power tools, mowers, plumbing, bath fixtures, agriculture, hardware and lamps nevermind electrical, safety and security! What's a girl to do? Go right to the Amazon website and let him do the rest. There, the selection is incredible and yes, we purchased a Nelson brass pipe hose fitting and the American Standard fittings for our bathroom shower. Exactly what we wanted and needed - perfect for our projects.

The product selection at Amazon was quite extensive from different brands, sizes, colors and prices. The connectors, sets and repair kits for hoses and other garden equipment, not to mention other brass fittings for a multitude of projects, offer quality with a snug fit that does what you need. Yes, I'm a satisfied customer that purchased a brass pipe fitting. And, my husband got the exact brass fitting that made the job, just a little bit easier.

Nelson Industrial Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting for Female Hose to Female Hose, Double Male #50573
The LR Nelson Industrial Double Male Pip and Hose Fitting is designed to make connecting a 3/4-inch and 3/4-inch male garden hose to a female garden hose possible.

Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting

American Standard 3375.502.299 Colony Soft Three-Handle Bath/Shower Fitting, Chrome Brass
Other products by American Standard
American Standard 3375.502 Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower, Chrome and Polished BrassAmerican Standard 3375.502 Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower, Chrome and Polished Brass Features:; Ceramic Disc Valving Assures Drip-Free for Life Performance; Cast Brass Valve Body; Easy Clean Shower Head; Coordinating Lavatory and Bidet Faucets Available; Limited Lifetime Warranty - Function and Finish; ADA Approved Lever Handle; Metal Lever Handles; I.P.S. Tub Spout; 1/2" Union (Female NPT) Inlet x 1/2" IPS Outlet* Image shown may vary by color, finish and or material

Three-Handle Bath/Shower Fitting, Chrome Brass

the brass fittings are found at

Brass Compression Nut

Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:20 pm
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Recently, we were in Lowe's and needed a brass compresssion nut. Orginally, I thought the manufacturer Anderson Barrows had a line of these brass compression nuts, but I guess I was wrong. The only manufacturer's were Plumb Pak and Watts. Anyway, I found exactly what we were looking for, in a compression kit and compression nut, that was solid durable brass. Perfect for our project in a size that was easy to install and use with quality threads. What could be better or easier? The price - so easy on the budget and "no advance preparation or flaring of tubing needed".

This concise compression nut, short and narrow was the ideal choice for our home project. The pipe, fittings, valves and water supply connectors are all the perfect sturdy connectors that will last for years.

Anderson Barrows
PB61 5/8" Compression Nut (3)
Nut for compression fittings

PB61 5/8

Anderson Barrows
PB61 1/2" Compression Nut (3)
Nut for compression fittings

PB61 1/2

the brass compression nut is found at

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